02th Nov, 2005

Make It Clear Who's The Boss

Mrs Esther Tang-Loo is the Executive Director of Focus Network Agencies (FNA), which has been importing and distributing premium chocolates since 1991. Her husband, Loo Lip Giam is the Managing Director of FNA. Both of them work well together because there is a clear division of responsibilities in their business, plus mutual recognition of who calls the shots. Mr Loo takes charge of finance and business development, while his wife oversees marketing, distribution and retail. Their business has been largely profitable since it was set up and the company had an annual turnover of $42 million in 2004. In an effort to spend more time with their four teenage children, the couple makes it a point to be out of the office by 7pm and have agreed that Mr Loo do all the travelling for business. The couple’s advice to young married entrepreneurs is to have a solid marriage that can withstand the rough and tumble of running a business together.