Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Although FNA is constantly building and enhancing its business infrastructure,  the company puts in just as much effort sharing with and contributing back to the  community. Over the years, FNA has dedicated its resources to provide support  for non-profit community initiatives targeted towards education, volunteerism, church works and fund-raising. At FNA, social and philanthropic issues will always be part of the business.

Opening doors for student internships so as to share its know-how and values, and to help provide real life working experience.


In collaboration with Rotary Clubs of Singapore & Bangkok to visit the Children’s Home and sponsor The Cocoa Trees chocolates.


In collaboration with Chinese Development Assistance Council in Project Aspirar (a career guidance program for upper secondary school students to gain awareness of career options in different industries) by organising tour for students to learn more about FNA and its business as well as its wide range of products.


In collaboration with a Christian entity in the Starfish Asia Project to sponsor The Cocoa Trees chocolates to poor children in Pakistan.


In collaboration with a Christina entity to sponsor The Cocoa Trees chocolates to poor children in Batam, Pekan Baru and Libo.