About Us

Since the inception of Focus Network Agencies (FNA Group International) on 1 October 1991, Mr and Mrs Loo, together with a team of committed staff and partners, have steadfastly grown the business from a distributor of just 2 agency lines to a recognized leader in the distribution and retailing of chocolate and confectionery in the Asia Pacific realm.

Today, Group CEO Mr Paul Loo Lip Giam, continues to be at the helm of FNA’s outstanding growth in both travel retail and aggressive regional expansion. His charismatic leadership and strategic management have played a pivotal role in positioning FNA as the undisputed leader of the undisputed leader of the chocolate and confectionery business in Singapore and the region.

Complementary to his leadership is Executive Director, Mrs Esther Tang-Loo. She is the synergistic source of inspiration that drives and motivates both internal and external stakeholders.

Together, Mr and Mrs Loo forge a dynamic leadership that continues to drive and bring FNA’s business and brand portfolio to greater heights.