In the Kinder world, mothers can still give their children tasty treats without the worry. Filled with milky goodness, light on the cocoa, Kinder Chocolate is perfect for a daily touch of energy! Kinder Chocolate mixes the nutritional values of the milk to the goodness of the chocolate, making a safe, genuine natural product.

- 100 g of Kinder Chocolate contain the most important nutritional elements of a 1/4 litre of milk (proteins, calcium and mineral salt).
- the sourcing, collection and treatment of the milk is carried out in accordance with the most stringent quality controls.- the nutritional values of milk contribute considerably to children’s growth and help maintain good dietary habits.
- packed in single individually wrapped bars, to easily dose the amount consumed.
- Kinder Chocolate contains no colouring agents or preservatives..

Kinder Surprise is the most iconic product in the entire Kinder range. Launched in 1974 and inspired by the concept of the Easter. Each kinder egg contains a surprise which can be enjoyed all year round. The discovery: the ritual of breaking the egg and discovering the contents, looking forward to what’s inside. Its a guessing game, using clues from shaking the egg, weighing it in the hand etc.
3 wishes in 1. It is the product that enables mothers to satisfy their child’s three wishes in one go:
1. the excitement of discovery,
2. a toy to play with
3. a chocolate treat containing the nutritional goodness of milk.

Kinder Bueno is the ideal snack for people who look after themselves but don’t want to give up the joys of eating chocolate. Nourishing and light, it satisfies the needs of the hungry but health conscious consumer. Kinder Bueno has an aggressive place in the chocolate bar market. It has proved itself to be a highly competitive product, which greatly contributes to building and extending the Kinder brand.

Kinder Country belongs to the "light" snack market. It’s the "natural" snack that meets the requirements of modern consumers who care about eating healthy natural foods. Barley, rice, wheat, spelt and buckwheat. All light cereals to give a boost that is absorbed gradually by the body. Milk, with its high quality proteins is ideal to complete every break. Chocolate, valuable because of its taste, gives energy and brings a smile to the face!

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1. Kinder

2. Bueno

3. Surprise